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Life is full of opportunity at every turn. Where you live and how you live is integral to your health, your well-being, and purpose.

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My life has had its fun twists and turns. I am a Conservatory trained harpist, and my first career was that of being a full-time performing musician. I had a wonderful time dedicating myself to giving concerts for many years, but was then ready to take a new path. 

I still love music, and the harp in particular. What a beauty she is! I am still deeply connected to the arts, and make them a part of my everyday life. This elevates my well-being immensely.

I have loved my second full-time career – that of selling real estate with Monument Sotheby’s International Realty. I decided to embark on that new journey when my youngest was a toddler – and now he’s entering his teen years! It’s gone by fast, and has been a wonderful transition for me.

REAL ESTATE / Partner with Sotheby’s International Realty and me to achieve your goals of owning your dream home – Anywhere in the world, at any pricepoint.

HEALTH + LIFESTLYE / I believe that having a dedicated practice to fitness + nutrition + a thoughtful and healthy lifestyle is paramount to ultimate joy and contentment. I am an Arbonne consultant, and also partner with Integrative health practitioners to help you in your journey to wellness.

BLOG / I think about a lot of aspects of life and how we live it as 21st century humans on planet earth. My writings are my own reflections and personal musings about all kinds of things, from self-improvement, to parenting, to aging, and anything else that really gets me going. 

SHOP / I’ve opened an online boutique, where you can see some items that I have enjoyed designing and creating / Apparel + Accessories related to some of my favorite interests – like Pickleball, and Furry Friends, specifically Airedales and Corgis! I’m busy creating more designs all the time.