Chapters – Beginnings and Endings and In Between

We Have This Life As a realtor, I have a very particular viewpoint directly into the lives of many people, and many very different kinds of people - young adults, retirees, single people, married people, parent people, pet people, divorced people - ALL kinds of people. I love working with them, and figuring out what draws them toward a home to call their own. Clients I work with tend to find me at...

After the Fire

A Tale of Rebuilding On a summer's day in August of 2017, my friend Julie was spending the afternoon at a friend's home, relaxing in the pool with her 7 year old daughter, when she received a notification on her phone from her home security company. The fire department had been deployed to her Roland Park home.  Immediately she raced back to the house, to her horror, to find...


Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes you need to start over. Sometimes, if you're lucky, to get to reinvent yourself. I remember a few years ago, talking with my friend Tammy about how we both felt dissatisfied with our careers, and how we were both looking for a new path to take. Both of us, were unsure which direction to go, and even more unsure of how to get there.

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