Widening the Focus

There came a time when it became clear to me that new adventures were calling. The life of a performing musician can be a solitary one. There are countless hours spent alone, practicing and preparing. More and more, I yearned for more collaboration, and interaction with people. I knew I was ready for a change. As I saw fewer and less satisfying possibilities for myself as a harpist, I knew it was time to set my sights on a new endeavor. I started to consider the possibility of real estate.

Having spent numerous years pouring over listings and websites for homes for ourselves, I was a bit of a real estate junkie already. I loved everything about it – the ability to look at hundreds of homes, all so different, all containing stories and secrets, and personalities of their own. I loved going to different parts of the city, and imagining what life would be like, on this block, or the other. I loved seeing light and shadows at play in each new space, and the way that each home felt entirely different from the last. Each home was truly unique. The more I thought about it, the more I began to see my next chapter before me.

Music making is a rewarding, and meticulous process, and fits well with many parts of my personality, to be sure. It is true, in fact, that many of the skills I have honed through my musical performance career are the very same skills that make an outstanding Realtor. Traits such as attention to detail, and tenacity are indispensible for navigating difficult transactions, and reaching the end goal successfully. Using these skills to lighten the burden of home buying or selling for people seemed a very happy fit.

I believe the road behind me has brought me to this place, and I am good at what I do. I have helped first-time buyers purchase homes they weren’t sure they could find. I have helped families find the home of their dreams, in beautiful neighborhoods throughout our diverse and amazing city. I have navigated the ups and downs of selling a home, when good negotiation skills are paramount to success. Every transaction is as important as the next, and each client is my highest priority. I look forward to many years of helping buyers and sellers through real estate transactions.

I am a proud to work with the local affiliate of the best brokerage in the world, Monument Sotheby’s International Realty.

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