Taking a Page

We should all take a page from Ivy the Airedale’s book. She’s handling this situation with grace and ease. Let me show you.

A Light Exists in Spring

The COVID-19 Chapter, “At Home”. DAY 5: Turning to Nature and the words of Emily Dickinson.

Keep it Flowing

The COVID-19 Chapter, “At Home”. DAY 4: Feeling the flow of creative spirit, in the midst of troubling times.

All is Quiet

The COVID-19 Chapter, “At Home”. DAY 2: Peter and the Wolf and Coronavirus.

So, This Feels Different…

The COVID-19 Chapter. “At Home”. Thoughts and musings about all our upcoming togetherness, and making the best of this moment in time, from home.

Chapters – Beginnings and Endings and In Between

We Have This Life As a realtor, I have a very particular viewpoint directly into the lives of many people, and many very different kinds of people – young adults, retirees, single people, married people, parent people, pet people, divorced people – ALL kinds of people. I love working with them, and figuring out what […]

New Year’s Resolutions

There are lots of things I don’t know – I’ll be the first to admit it. I also have been fortunate enough in my life to have run into some people who had some wisdom to share – and when it comes to learning helpful and useful information, I always try to listen well, and take good notes.

After the Fire

A Tale of Rebuilding On a summer’s day in August of 2017, my friend Julie was spending the afternoon at a friend’s home, relaxing in the pool with her 7 year old daughter, when she received a notification on her phone from her home security company. The fire department had been deployed to her Roland […]


Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes you need to start over. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, to get to reinvent yourself. I remember a few years ago, talking with my friend Tammy about how we both felt dissatisfied with our careers, and how we were both looking for a new path to take. Both of us, were unsure which direction to go, and even more unsure of how to get there.